Deployed more than 300 project over 100+ cloud servers, we are the fastest growing software company. Our primary office is based in Dubai with software delivery being done from Chandigarh, India.

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Services What Can We Offer?

Website Designing

We are creative, experienced and full of imagination. We know what would make your website look fabulous.

Software Development

We have experienced coders in our team. Whether it is Java, C++, Python, .NET or Ruby COROUTER will be your best choice.

Android & iOS

Demand for Android & iOS has touched the skies. So, here at COROUTER, we do our best to keep you top at technology.

You Will Love COROUTER!

You can contact us anytime (through skype or direct phone) and we will be happy to help you with any problem you will encounter.

Corouter Technologies has a different ideology regarding projects. We don't start with what we are asked to do. We are Engineers and we know how to make your product even better.

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Portfolio Latest Projects

  • Online Video Learning Website
  • College Social Network
  • Internet Video Manager, Downloader
  • UZIP | Fastest URL Shortener
  • Pathology Lab Software
  • Online Confession Website

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About Us Who We Are

Corouter Technologies is the fastest growing IT company which started from a single room by cipherux. Eventually, the idea involved 5 other members Rahul Sehdev, Rahul Chalana, Vivek Kaushik and Bharat Arora which lead to a great team and finally evolved as an IT sector company. Our clients are situated in USA, UK, Australia, Bulgaria, Bangladesh, and 30+ other countries over the world and we are developing great projects for them since Dec 2012.

Our work is divided in

Web Development

Software Development


A Little About Us

  • We are creative
  • We love what we do
  • We are a team
  • We are powered by inspiration
  • We are not afraid of mistakes
  • We are learning every day
  • We want to change the world
  • We will succeed!

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Where We Are

Corouter Solutions Pvt. Ltd.
C-127, Phase 8, Industrial Phase, Mohali