A cloud based software enterprise.

We don't just make software, we develop programs that are secure, reliable & easier to use.

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corouter solutions

Our expertise

We specialise in solving problems to produce intelligent designs, deliver engaging experiences and build meaningful connections.

  • Data Mining We build web crawlers, data scrappers, auto posting bots & manage huge data daily. Data Mining
  • Desktop Software We're concerned about platform, security & UI. We focus on Java, Python & .NET Examples
  • Mobile Applications At corouter, we're good at developing Android, iOS, Blackberry & Windows apps. Examples
  • Cryptography Softwares implementing symetric, asymetric enc, hashes, and decipheringExamples
  • Cloud Configuration Ranging from openstack, Amazon AWS to S3 & Digitalocean, we're the best.Examples
  • Websites PHP, Wordpress, Joomla, eCommerce websites, Front-end UI HTML5, CSS3, JS, Ajax. Examples


Our philosophy and expertise are best represented by our work.

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C-127, Phase 8
Industrial Area, Mohali, Punjab, India


Some things you may not (need to) know about us.

  • 23 Technologies we use Ranging from Java, python to HTML5 & CSS3, we work on more than 23 different technologies to build awesome products for you.
  • 140+ Projects Deployed From small scale websites to large resource capacity scalable web crawlers, we've deployed 140 projects till August of 2014.
  • 50 Team Count We've a team of 50 core coders with us working on different technologies, making us large diversity in knowledge resources.
  • 950M Websites Crawled We've built around 10+ extensible scalable crawlers which have crawled more than 950 million web pages till August 2014.